Travel With Me | Sedona Edition

June 22, 2017


Have you ever had a day where you just need to get away (but don’t really have the money to go too far?) This happens to me sometimes so I have made a point to find local places in Arizona for me to escape to and clear my head. I got the urge to get out of town recently so I decided to take the trek up North to visit one of my favorite locations, Sedona Arizona.


I was welcomed by the beautiful sights of red rocks as soon as I entered the city. There are many areas where people can pull over to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. I made sure to do just that.


After I had snapped all of the shots I wanted, I decided to press on to get some crystals. I have been obsessed with crystals and their healing power for some time now. These beautiful creations have helped me tremendously when it comes to detoxifying my energy and becoming more grounded. I was not sure which shop to go to, so I sought out some help from my dear friend, Google. “Mystical Bazaar” popped up with raving reviews. After my experience there I now understand why.


My initial goal was only to purchase crystals. Nothing more, nothing less. My dear friend who accompanied me suggested that I try a reading. I reluctantly obliged. 


This was my very first reading from a clairvoyant. She started by explaining my aura and then she completed a brief reading of my life in it’s present state. What she told me blew me away. She confirmed that I was on the right track professionally and that I was an excellent mother. She helped me to move past some of my past mistakes and look forward to future opportunities. The reading gave me the drive I needed to keep going in my current direction.




Upon leaving, the wonderful ladies at “Mystical Bazaar” provided us with directions to the closest energy vortex. What the hell is an energy vortex, you ask? I will gladly tell you.


An energy vortex is a magical and restorative epicenter for spiritual cleansing and strengthen. They are located at the intersections of natural electromagnetic points of the Earth. Have you ever seen a twisted tree as you walked around outside? Chances are, that very location is home to an energy vortex. Sedona is known for it’s powerful vortexes. 




It’s difficult to explain what I experienced at the vortex. Honestly, I feel such encounters should be kept sacred. Because of this I will just share that my experience was life changing. 


Visiting Sedona is always a delight. This particular trip, however, totally refreshed and renewed me. I have vowed to take this trip at least once a quarter to ensure that I stay on the right track both mentally, and spiritually. Have you ever visited Sedona, Arizona? If so… what was your experience?




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