Easy Halloween Treats

October 15, 2017


It is almost time for Halloween, which means cold season is also in full swing! My poor little Max has been dealing with the sniffles for a solid two weeks. I fear that I will not able to take my little guy trick or treating as long as his condition is like this. I am determined to make sure he has an enjoyable Halloween, even if that means we spend it together in the house. I figured, instead of getting candy we could make our own special treats! I raced to the local grocery store to grab some goodies to test out with my little guy. Together we came up with three delicious Halloween snacks that are both easy to make and affordable! Check out the recipes below.


Prep Time: 30min

Setting Time: 20min

Total Time: 50min




For The Mummy Pops:

Oreos or Other Sandwich Cookies

Candy Melts (Any Flavor – I used Vanilla)

Candy Eyes

Lollipop Sticks


For The Scary Strawberries:


Candy Melts (Any Flavor – I used Vanilla & Chocolate)

Candy Eyes


For The Boo! Pops:

Jumbo Marshmallows

Candy Melts (Any Flavor – I used Chocolate)


Lollipop Sticks




For The Mummy Pops:

1. Separate the cookie

2. Place one lollipop stick in the cream filling to resemble a lollipop

3. Place cookie back together

4. Dip cookie in candy melts until entirely covered

5. Lay on a plate and place candy eyes

6. Allow to set for 20min in the refrigerator 


For The Scary Strawberries

1. Dip strawberry in melted candy flavor of your choosing until ¾ covered

2. Lay on a plate and place candy eyes

3. Allow to set for 20min in the refrigerator 



For The Boo Pops

1. Insert one lollipop stick into the marshmallow to resemble a lollipop

2. Dip marshmallow in candy melts until ½ covered

3. Set on a plate and add sprinkles.

4. Allow to set for 20min in the refrigerator 


These treats were both easy and fun to make! They are definitely worth trying out if your little one is unable to go out on Halloween, or if you just want to enjoy a sweet treat at home. Be sure to check out my video (featuring Max!) for a detailed view of how we made our treats. Thanks for reading!


Link: https://youtu.be/P7AQWuXYMdc




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October 15, 2017

October 15, 2017

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